12 Steps to Becoming a Good Photographer

12 Steps to Becoming a Good Photographer

12 Steps to Becoming a Good Photographer – It is believed that a true photographer faces so many challenges, and it is also believed that they overcome it. Enjoyment and passion are key to become a good photographer. That’s why you may need to know many things about becoming a good photographer. Today I discuss here 12 stone steps for becoming a good photographer, which you must follow.


1. Learn your camera setting

The camera setting is one of the most important parts of taking good images. You may know your subject and camera setting helps you to capture any type of photo. It will help you to capture the sharp image, and you may also capture the image with a blur. So, there are lots of settings you can find in a camera; you may know all of the settings because of capturing the great image. So, your first step is that you must know about the camera setting.


2. Look at light

Let’s introduce the next step. I always recommend you to set up the light more carefully. Light may have the main effect on your image. If you want to be a good photographer, then you must be known about the light set up. Light has so many options, such as butterfly mode and some other mode. If you fall to set up the light, then your image never is great. Mr. John, a good photographer, also said that the theme of the main images is that lighting. So, I hope that now you understand why you need to know about the lighting.


3. Color

Color is a very important element of photography. See the color box and study how to use the perfect color of your image. The different image has a different color, and you just need to apply the right color place. Weather is a factor in choosing a color. Nature is change, and at the same time, the color also changes. You must be capable of editing in the right color. About all of the great photographers maintain this factor because of the great photography.


4. Composition and Form

It is a matter of sorrow that the new photographer starts to take the photo when they see the interesting matter. But you may need to take some time for the compositions. First, you should understand which types of the scene and then you can shot the image. It is really necessary to make a good composition and form and then capture the image. A good photographer must be careful on this matter. Now you can understand why you need to create a composition.


5. Print

Maybe some people do not like and care about the matter. But I think it is an important matter for a good photographer. When you want to print out the image, and you shot the image in a great way, and then you print it. Because sometimes, the image looks like on the camera, but when it prints out, it really not looks real. This way, you just need to capture the image in a printed way.


6. Learn light-room

Lightroom is so important for a photographer. They come in a lighting room and edit the image. A lighting room also helps you to capture so many images in an amazing way. If you want to a good photographer, then you must need to know how to set up your lighting room and when you should use the lightroom. I hope that if you understand this matter, then you will be able to choose the right photography section and also able to capture any type of image.


7. Photograph

It is simple, but so many fail in this part. When you take any photo, you must be known so many things, such as lighting, camera setting, composition, and form. So, it is easy to capture any of the images, but it also very difficult to capture a meaningful and good looking image. If you want to a good photographer, then you first need to shot some image in an ordinary place because it helps you to know the image factor. Go, anywhere, and before you capture any of the images, you just need to know the thing and apply the matter. I hope you can understand.


8. Keep coming back

Keep coming back factor is to help you and know you about your image better before than or not. So, go to the same place again and shot the image in a different light and different ways. Come back and see the image quality. If you think your photography is better than the past, then keep going. So many famous photographers apply this technique, and now they are able to take a good photo. So, you must follow and apply this thing. I hope it is helpful to you.


9. Photo books, galleries, reading

This three thing is so important for you. After capturing the image, you must be kept the image in galleries so that you can see your image and understand how to improve your image. Photo books also help you a lot to improve your photography condition. The internet is a great place to view photography. You can keep your photo in the google drive, and then you can see it more and more time. So, always try out the different photography and keep your photo in the galleries and then think about your improvement.


10. Put together and edit the same image way

For working this factor, the lightroom surely helpful for you. A light room helps you all of the image editors and see the image quality. So, gather you’re all of the images and then edit one by one, then you see the magic. If you make this thing, you may easily know which types of edit are best for you. The different image needs a different edit. So, if you think the image edit is better than before, then it is also very good for you. You can also work on the project with the group.

I hope that this factor surely helpful for you, and you know which condition of your image.


11. To shower photography to your friends and relatives

You may do not know which think you may mistake and which think you improve. So, if you see your photography to your friends and relatives, they may help you to know how to be a good photographer much you need to improve your image. So, create a group with your family or friends and see your images. I hope that it is helpful to you. So many contemporary and street photographers also use this technique. I hope that it is surely helpful for you to improve the photography condition. So, why you late create a group and practice more and more.


12. Focus on a single matter

It is really important for a photography for beginners that focuses on a single topic. If you focus on a single topic, then you may capture the best image. It helps you to focus the thing and capture the high-quality image. This why you must focus on the single thing and then capture the image. I hope that this technique is also very helpful for you.


13. Photoshop Edit

Beside above mention all tips you will have to know some Photoshop basic tips like, clipping path service, image masking service, Photoshop image retouching service for make the photo more perfection and look attractive.



Before you start to capture or shot the picture, please follow in the above techniques so that you can capture quality and good looking images. These above techniques must be helpful for you, and the techniques also advise so many best photographers. I think if you follow this right technique way, then you may be a good photographer in the future.


12 Steps to Becoming a Good Photographer

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